Why Should I Join PMAC?

by Andy Jordan

Maybe I’m naïve, but I don’t think many people reading this article would ever have woken up in the morning desperate for an alternative project management organisation. And yet here we are, the Project Management Association of Canada – so why should you care?

Well, PMAC is different – I know we have to say that, but it’s true. If you are looking for a professional body to help you through your career then you want a partner to assist you in building your skills, to allow you to meet like minded individuals, to learn from the experience and expertise of others, and to recognise your achievements through a formal education and certification program. There are other professional bodies out there, and let’s be honest, they are a lot larger than PMAC. But is that a good thing?

Sure they can provide an opportunity to connect with other project management professionals, but usually only on their terms – they’ll organise events in an area relatively local to you, but you won’t have a say in the topics – you just have to hope that you are interested in what they decide to offer. PMAC isn’t like that; we want to be about our members, not their money. The PMAC exists for its members, we are here to offer Canadian project managers what they want from a professional body, and we aren’t going to decide for you what that should be. As a member of PMAC you will help drive the organisation, you’ll help shape our future – your voice will be heard.

At PMAC we want to be accessible to our members. As project management practitioners we all have times when we are challenged, when we have questions, or concerns – times when we just want to be able to talk through a particularly tough problem with peers. Larger organisations have a tough time maintaining that personal connection with their members – often the only time you hear from them is either the magazine or the subscription renewal request. PMAC isn’t like that – we want to help our members overcome their challenges, we want to be a part of your professional life. Whether it be by putting you in contact with other members in your area, or whether it be through direct support from PMAC leadership we are there for our members – we are more than a magazine.

Other professional bodies offer certification, some are very well known, but what exactly does that prove? Consider the most well known certification program available in Canada. Many training organisations offer a week long exam prep course to meet the formal training requirements to take the qualification and then guarantee that you will pass. How many of you want a doctor who got their MD through a guaranteed pass or your money back program? What about a lawyer, an accountant, a public transit driver?

PMAC is associated with IPMA – the International Project Management Association. This Swiss based organisation has national affiliates in over 40 countries and has more than 50,000 people certified in its four level certification process. What makes IPMA’s certification different is its approach to professional development. Unlike a certification that is based on an ability to answer multiple choice questions correctly, IPMA believes that certification needs to consist of a combination of competence, knowledge, experience and behaviour. Consequently, to successfully complete the four levels of certification a project manager has to pass exams, produce project reports and undertake an assessment by their peers. PMAC will be offering the IPMA’s certification program.

This association with IPMA offers other significant advantages to our members. We are an independent Canadian body, but we are also part of a team of more than 40 such national bodies and we have the opportunity to share and grow through association with our partners in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.


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