PM Competence Certification

The PMAC-AGPC Certification Body (PMAC-AGPC CB) operates based on :

and provides individuals working in project management in Canada with an internationally-recognized qualification.

The goals of certification are:

  • to provide private and public sector employees and self-employed persons with recognition of their knowledge and practical capability in project management,
  • to facilitate the selection by companies and administrations of successful and reliable project management staff.

Generally at least one certification cycle is carried out each year at each level.

PMAC-AGPC CB certifies at levels A, B, C and D in accordance with the universal system of the International Project Management Association (IPMA ®) with the following four levels:

IPMA Level-A ®

The Certified Projects Director (IPMA Level A) is able to coordinate and control all projects of a company, a division or of a programme. This certification also applies to individuals heading the Project Management Office (PMO) of a large organization.

View the CPD (IPMA Level A) certification details and procedures.

IPMA Level-B ®

The Certified Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B) is able to manage complex projects him/herself.

View the CSPM (IPMA Level B) certification details and procedures.

IPMA Level-C ®

The Certified Project Manager (IPMA Level C) is able to manage projects of limited complexity him/herself and to assist the manager of a complex project in all elements and aspects of project management.

View the CPM (IPMA Level C) certification details and procedures.

IPMA Level-D ®

The Certified Project Management Associate (IPMA Level-D) has adequate knowledge in all elements and aspects of project management and the ability to apply it.

View CPMA (IPMA Level D) certification details and procedures.

To achieve certification the candidate must demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skills and practical experience. Certificates must be renewed at specified intervals (recertification).

Applying For Certification

The following documents need to be provided in order to apply for certification.

Required Documents:

- Application - All Levels

- Self-Assessment

- Experience Summary

- Management Complexity Rating

- Executive Summary Report - see ICR4 Public (below) for requirements

Optional documents for your use and review:

- Assessment Interview Guidance

- Experience Check

- ICR4 Pubic

- Ethics, Appeals, and Complaint

- IPMA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

ICR4 Public is the IPMA International Certifications Regulations and should be read before applying for certification. It outlines the assessment and report requirements

Announcement of Certification Cycles

Certification cycles are generally announced at least four months before they take place. The announcement includes the deadline for application, the application office and the deadlines for each stage of the certification process.

Candidates apply in writing for admittance to the certification by submitting the Application for Certification form, which is found under the links for each of the individual certification levels listed above.

The current certification cycle deadlines for IPMA Levels A/B/C are:


Stage 1st Round Deadlines 2nd Round Deadlines
Application, Self-assessment, Report Description 4 January 2020 11 July 2020
Notice of Admission 8 February 2020 15 August 2020
Project report due 4 April 2020 10 October 2020
Interview 16 May 2020 21 November 2020



The fees for certification and recertification and the fees for individual documents and services are set by management in the schedule of fees after consultation with the PMAC-AGPC CB Executive Board.

The current certification & recertification fees can be found at this link:

Current Fees

  • Certification fees for Levels A, B and C are payable as follows: 1/4 with the application, 1/4 upon submission of the project report or examination, and the remaining 1/2 before the interview date.
  • Certification fees for Level D are payable in their entirety with the exam application.
  • The fees are invoiced to candidates for each individual certification stage.
  • If a candidate withdraws before or during certification, fees are refunded only in exceptional circumstances. A candidate must explain the reason for withdrawing in writing to the office, with supporting documentation.
  • Candidates who do not receive certification, fail to meet the deadlines without valid excuse or are excluded from the process lose all claims to a refund.
  • The fees for candidates repeating certification are the same as the certification fees.
  • Candidates are responsible for the costs of travel, accommodation and meals during the certification process.
  • There is no additional fee for issuing the certificate (one copy) and its announcement.

Elements of knowledge and experience

The competence elements for which knowledge and experience are evaluated are described in the CPMNCB,. During examinations and interviews, assessors may ask candidates questions on any competence element of the CPMNCB,.

Additional Information

Additional information is available on the following topics:

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