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In a world where project management is becoming a vital force for innovation and organizational behaviour, it is incumbent upon those within the profession to maintain a community in which diversity, creativity and open-mindedness are its hallmarks. PMAC-AGPC members believe that Canada represents these ideals and is, as a result, ideally positioned to serve a new assembly of project managers as it faces unique new challenges in the coming years. Canada is unique in its ability to serve both a national people and an international stage. It has obligations to both and, unlike many, the capacity to deliver to both. PMAC-AGPC has the same unique challenge and sees itself being able to reach it from the beginning. The rationale for PMAC-AGPC is simply to:

  • Serve the needs and demands of a dynamic profession that is experiencing significant growth in a bilingual country.
  • Explore a broader model of project management - one that includes the development of judgment concerning technical, behavioural, and contextual project elements.
  • Apply a broader definition of project success-the appreciation by the various interested parties of the project outcomes-to multiple and varied industries.
  • Support the international PM with the provision of a unique Canadian voice.

Organizational Structure

The PMAC-AGPC is composed of a series of governing bodies: General Assembly, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and an independently-governed Certification Body that has its own management boards. As the IPMA member association for Canada, the PMAC Board of Directors and its Executive Committee take direction from the IPMA Board on general association matters. The independent PMAC Certification Body takes its direction from the IPMA Certification Management Validation Board (CMVB).

General Assembly

The primary governing body of the association is the General Assembly, which is composed of the body of voting members. The General Assembly will meet at least once per year in an annual general meeting (AGM) to vote members into vacant positions on the Board of Directors, as well as the positions of President and Vice-President. Changes to the bylaws of the association must be passed at a regular or special meeting of the General Assembly.

Executive Committee

This body is composed of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the association. The President and Vice-President positions are filled through a general election among association voting members, while the Treasurer and Secretary are appointed by the Board of Directors. All four members of the Executive Committee hold seats on the Board of Directors. All positions on the Executive Committee are volunteer-based and those holding these positions do not receive remuneration of any kind for their work in these roles.

  • President - The President shall be the chief executive officer of the association. He or she shall preside at all meetings of the association and of the Board of Directors. He or she shall have the general and active management of the affairs of the corporation. He or she shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried into effect. The current President is Morteza Zhorabi​ .
  • Treasurer - The Treasurer shall have the custody of the funds and securities of the association and shall keep full and accurate accounts of all assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements of the association in the books belonging to the association and shall deposit all monies, securities and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the association in such chartered bank or trust company, or, in the case of securities, in such registered dealer in securities as may be designated by the Board of Directors from time to time. He or she shall disburse the funds of the association as may be directed by proper authority taking proper vouchers for such disbursements, and shall render to the president and directors at the regular meetings of the Board of Directors, or whenever they may require it, an accounting of all the transactions and a statement of the financial position, of the association. He or she shall also perform such other duties as may from time to time be directed by the Board of Directors. The current Treasurer is Chris Carter.
  • Secretary - The Secretary shall attend all meetings and record all votes and minutes of all proceedings in the books to be kept for that purpose. He or she shall give or cause to be given notice of all meetings of the General Assembly and of the Board of Directors, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors or President, under whose supervision he or she shall be. He or she shall be custodian of the seal of the association, which he or she shall deliver only when authorized by a resolution of the Board of Directors to do so and to such person or persons as may be named in the resolution. The current Secretary is Morley Selver.

Board of Directors

The property and business of the association is managed by its volunteer Directors. The association will have at all times a minimum of three Directors, but this number may be increased. Directors are elected in a General Assembly from among the voting members, and must meet certain minimum requirements. One half of Directors are elected in each even-numbered year, and one-half are elected in each odd-numbered year.

The Directors shall serve as such without remuneration and no Director shall directly or indirectly receive any profit from his position as such; provided that a Director may be paid reasonable expenses incurred by him in the performance of his or her duties.

The Board of Directors may prescribe such rules and regulations consistent with the association's by-laws relating to the management and operation of the association as they deem expedient, provided that such rules and regulations shall have force and effect only until the next annual meeting of the members of the association when they shall be confirmed, and failing such confirmation at such annual meeting of the General Assembly, shall from that time cease to have any force and effect.

Every Director of the association, in exercising his powers and discharging his duties, shall act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the association and exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances. Every Director of the association shall comply with the articles of incorporation, bylaws and policies.

Current members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Executive Committee
    • President - Morteza Zhorabi          
    • Treasurer - Chris Carter        
    • SecretaryMorley Selver          
  • Certification Director (CB Chair)Morley Selver        
  • Awards Director - Kevin Aguanno         
  • Membership Director - Sridhar Kethandapatti
  • Delegate - Peter Milsom
  • Past PresidentAlex Jalalian

Certification Body

In compliance with IPMA regulations and international standard ISO 17024, the association operates an independent Certification Body (CB) to provide for competence (i.e. knowledge and experience) assessments of its members who are seeking PMAC-provided qualifications. The day-to-day operation of the CB is completely independent of the PMAC's Board of Directors. The Director of Certification, a PMAC's Board of Directors position, sits as the head of the CB's Strategic Management Board (SMB). Other SMB members include the head of Operational Management Board (OMB), the chair of Appeal Committee, and the chair of Scheme Committee. The SMB provides strategic guidance, while the OMB is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the CB. The current Director of Certification and Chair of the CB's SMB is Morley Selver. The provisional chair of Appeal Committee is Werner Schmehr, who is the former Managing Director of the German certification body PMZERT.

The Director of Certification is responsible for overseeing the running of the CB including policies and operations.  This role is also responsible for liasing with IPMA's CVMB for standards development, compliance, quality control and audit purposes. Finally, responsibilities include ensuring the privacy of assessment candidate information and to make the final decision on awarding certifications to candidates. The Director of Certification cannot function as an assessor while filling this role.

Our accredited assessors are:https://pmac-agpc.ca/competency


Additional information on the governance of the organization can be found by reading:

To avoid perceived conflicts of interest, as a founding principle, the PMAC membership decided that the association will NEVER provide project management training.

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There are many groups out there using the PMAC acronym, several of them in Canada. To avoid confusion for some, let's clearly state that we are NOT


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Project Management Association of Canada

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Project Management Association of Canada

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