The Project Management Association of Canada strongly supports the development of project management excellence in Canada through a number of different initiatives. Primary among them is our project management awards programme.

We Canadians are known around the world as being a bit too humble and we are not very good at proclaiming our successes (unlike our neighbour to the south). Yet, it is important for our national identity - our pride as a nation - to highlight our top performers. And we have many of them -- just look to our performance in the 2010 Winter Olympics to see just how well we compare to our international peers.

The PMAC-AGPC project excellence awards recognize the best in several areas. Click on any of these award categories to view more details on each of these awards:

  • Canadian National Project Awards - These awards recognize the top Canadian projects each year, in a number of categories. Evaluation is conducted through rigorous assessments using a scoring model developed by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).
  • Canadian Project Management Book Awards - Recognizing the best Canadian books on project management issued each year.
  • PMAC-AGPC Volunteer of the Year Awards - Awarded to the PMAC member who has made the most significant contribution to the association in each year. A second award goes out to our Young Crew members.
  • Canadian Project Management Article of the Year - Recognizing the top academic and general-readership project management-related articles published by a Canadian author.
  • Canadian Project Management Webinar of the Year - With Canada covering such a large geographical area, many members of our profession find themselves in remote locations, unable to attend classroom training. This award recognizes the top webinar or teleseminar on a project management topic by a Canadian instructor.
  • Canadian Project Innovation Awards - Canada needs to exploit our best creative minds to gain and maintain a competitive advantage an increasingly globalized economy. These awards recognize both the best Canadian project management research (through published academic books or journal articles) and the best application of new innovations on real projects.

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