IPMA Level-A: Certified Projects Director (CPD)

The Certified Project Director (CPD) has, in the last eight years, at least five years of experience in portfolio management and/or programme management with strategic relevance, of which three years were in responsible leadership functions in the management of complex portfolios or programmes and has two years of experience in managing projects (as an entry requirement). The time span of eight years can be extended up to twelve years with appropriate justification.

He or she shall be able to manage complex portfolios or programmes (as a core competence).

  • is responsible for the management of a complex portfolio of a company / organisation or a branch of the organisation, or for the management of an important programme within an organisation.
  • contributes to strategy and makes proposals to senior management.
  • develops project management personnel and coaches project managers to improve their competence in PM.
  • directs project managers and members of the portfolio or programme team.
  • has a role of leading or directing the development of project management competence and infrastructure (i.e. processes, methods, techniques, tools, handbooks, guidelines for a programme or portfolio).

The main criteria for the complexity of a portfolio or programme referenced for IPMA Level-A certification are:

  • An important group of projects is contained in the portfolio or programme, and the candidate is responsible for coordinating and directing them.
  • The candidate proposes to the overseeing body for their decision (or where appropriate decides himself) the start, priority, continuation or interruption and termination of the projects of his portfolio or programme.
  • The candidate is responsible for the selection and continuing development of project management requirements, processes, methods, techniques, tools, regulations and guidelines in the organisation as well as for the implementation of project anagement in general, in his range of projects.
  • The candidate coordinates and influences (or is responsible for) the selection, training and employment of the project managers who manage his range of projects as well as for their performance appraisal and remuneration.
  • The candidate is responsible for the coordination of all projects of his portfolio or programme and ensuring their compliance to the strategy of the business / organisation, as well as for establishing professional control and reporting mechanisms for his range of projects.
  • The number, variety and complexity of active projects in the portfolio or programme and the number of project managers he controls.

The portfolio or programme must be “important” enough to provide evidence of competent management. The important parameters to consider are:

  • Number of active projects
  • Different kinds and sizes of projects
  • Complexity of projects
  • Number of project managers and size of organisational unit
  • Annual amount of investment in the portfolio or programme

Progress payments for the certification fees may be made using our Level-A Certification Online Payment Form.


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