PMAC AGM Scheduled for May 8, 2013

As PMAC did not meet its quorum for the 2012 Annual General Meeting, and it is fast approaching the 15-month time limit, we are invoking the approved alternate method of reconvening the AGM. On May 8th, at 1pm Eastern time, the PMAC Board of Directors will hold the 2012 AGM via teleconference. According to our by-laws, as this is a second attempt to reach quorum for our AGM, any number of attendees will constitute quorum so that we can vote on our motions. Please attend if you can, but we will understand if the short notice prevents you from participating.

Attendance is open only to PMAC members in good standing. To gain access to the teleconference and to view the full agenda, please log in to this web site so that the server can verify your membership status. If you are an active member in good standing who is logged in, the link below will take you to the call details; otherwise, you will get an error message.

The PMAC Board of Directors looks forward to your participation.

[Access Instructions (Members Only)]


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