18 October 2013

Due to an issue caused with the upgrade of some server software, some of the functionality of this web site was unavailable over the past few weeks. Thank you for reporting the problem to us -- this one has been difficult to track down, but we finally fixed it. All web site functionality should now be full functional again, including membership renewals and certification exam registrations.

17 October 2013

Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B - PMAC Director of Certification has just published a new article on this web site about EPC Project Management and the 30/60/10 Rule for project success. Read this entertaining article at the link below. Read More

17 October 2013

In the book “Thinking On Purpose For Project Managers”, author Bill Richardson talks about the 30-60-10 rule for project success. He states that 30% of your results comes from insight, which is the ability to sort through the information to get to the nuggets of real value. Sixty percent of your results comes from foresight which is the ability to focus on and predict what is likely to happen and doing what can be done now to prepare for it. The other 10% comes from hindsight which is the ability to understand the significance of what has happened in the past.

17 October 2013

Congratulations to our winners of the free ProjectWorld BussinessAnalysisWorldVancouver passes Mel Clifford and Leanne Fedje. We would like to thank all those that entered. PMAC-AGPC will be at the event, so stop by our booth and introduce yourself. See you at ProjectWorld Vancouver 2013.



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