Fundamentals of Project Management Workshops and The 30-60-10 Rule For Project Success

In the book “Thinking On Purpose For Project Managers”, author Bill Richardson talks about the 30-60-10 rule for project success. He states that 30% of your results comes from insight, which is the ability to sort through the information to get to the nuggets of real value. Sixty percent of your results comes from foresight which is the ability to focus on and predict what is likely to happen and doing what can be done now to prepare for it. The other 10% comes from hindsight which is the ability to understand the significance of what has happened in the past. This is why our Project Management workshops were developed, to provide you with the tools and techniques to improve your insight, foresight, and hindsight. Some of the tools and techniques covered include Problem Solving, Work Breakdown Structure, and Earned Value Analysis, all used to provide you with the insight to determine what the real problem is, what is the total scope, and what is the actual project status. The workshop also covers the Project Life Cycle, Procurement, Construction Management, Training, Commissioning and Start up to provide you with the foresight to anticipate what is likely to happen so you are better able to adjust your work to prepare for the events. Lessons Learned and Project Close Out provide the hindsight. These are used to help understand what went right or wrong on the project. For the items that went wrong, what happened, why was it wrong, and how can we improve the process so it doesn’t happen again. These are just some of the tools and techniques used in our Project Management workshops, to improve your insight, foresight, and hindsight leading you to project success. If these are the tools and techniques you are looking for, then join us in the following locations: Workshops Certificate In EPC Project Management We realize in these busy times it is difficult to take time off from work to attend a project management workshop. To this end, we have taken our five day Certificate in EPC Project Management and broken it down into 2- two day workshops as noted below. These workshops will be held in Calgary and the exam to acquire the certification can be taken online at your convenience. For more information on these two workshops, click on the following links. First session: January 16 & 17, 2014 Organizing The EPC Project Second session: February 6 & 7, 2014 Controlling & Completing The EPC Project Fundamentals of Project Management Calgary AB November 20, 21, & 22 2013 February 26, 27, & 28 2014 Houston TX October 23, 24, & 25 2013 March 19, 19, & 20 2014 Register/Enroll for this course at: Read what others have said at: Testimonials Sign up for a free project management report and our monthly Newsletter at: Newsletter (


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