Certificate in Virtual Team Management

Studies show that once you are more than 15m  (50 feet) apart, you begin to act like a virtual team. Whether you work in the same building but on a different floor, in the same city but in different locations, in different cities or countries, or have telecommuters on your team, you face a unique set of challenges: time zones, lack of face-to -face interaction, travel budget restrictions, miscommunication, linguistic challenges, cultural differences, and more.  There are many factors that impact a team’s ability to be effective.

The Certificate in Virtual Team Management was designed to test a person's ability to effectively manage teams in this tough, distributed environment.  Virtual teams are forced to communicate and collaborate in different ways, often using different technologies to do so.  In addition, the lack of body language cues make misunderstandings more common, often leading to negative feelings in the team. To effectively manage a virtual team, managers must be more in tune with the interpersonal dynamics and personality types present in the team and how to deal with these differences.

Holding this certificate demonstrates to employers that a person is serious about optimizing his or her project delivery when working in a virtual team environment where team members are distributed across multiple geographic locations and must communicate and collaborate via telephone and online rather than face-to-face. These days, when every job candidate seems to be holding a PMP or equivalent designation, adding an extra certificate such as this one can make a project manager stand out from the crowd.

The Exam

This online examination consists of 40 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a 90-minute time limit. Candidates will be able to use reference materials in preparing their answers. Candidates will require a web browser with an Internet connection to complete the exam.

Exams will be marked automatically upon their completion, and candidates will be able to immediately view their results. A score of 60% (24 questions correct out of 40) is required to pass the exam.

Candidates who fail the exam will be able to retake the examination after re-registering and re-paying the examination fee. There is no limit to the number of attempts a candidate may make.

To prepare for the examination, it is highly recommended that candidates take a course from an accredited training provider.

The Certificate

Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates will receive a signed, sealed Certificate in Virtual Team Management from the Project Management Association of Canada. The certificate should arrive within 2-3 weeks of exam completion.

These certificates, once issued, do not expire.

Exam Fee & Application Process

The exam fee is $150, payable online.  Completing the online application will take you to a page where you can pay via PayPal account, credit card, or debit card.



General Address

Project Management Association of Canada

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Phone: (819) 410-0427

PMAC Certification Body

Project Management Association of Canada

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