Launch of IPMA Special Interest Groups landing page!

Launch of IPMA Special Interest Groups landing page!

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) Special Interest Groups (SIGs) launched, a new website dedicated to the growing Special Interest Group community within IPMA.

The new website features SIG events, media, and individual SIG pages. The design reflects a modern web design, with intuitive menu options, optimized for all major browsers and mobile.
Presently, there are five Special Interest Groups within IPMA:

Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Change, Mega Projects, Smarter Cities and Smarter U, dedicated to project management within universities.
Each SIG has a global perspective on the challenges inherent in projects and project management within their respective focus areas.
SIGs operate virtually, and so the new website is an important tool for connecting people and conveying messages.

Special Interest Groups are an opportunity for IPMA members within specific locations to connect with a global community,” says Joop Schefferlie, IPMA President. “We want to ensure that ‘International’ is always part of the IPMA experience. SIGs provide a forum for a wide range of perspectives, best practices, tools, and networks of experts on a global level.”

The new website reflects the enthusiasm of pushing the SIG community forward. We have a growing body of experts and fans who want to see the SIGs continue to expand,” said Mladen Vukomanic, IPMA Vice President for Profession Development. “IPMA members want more connection with each other and the site is a beginning of that. With the recent launch of my.ipma, the core membership site for tracking certifications and CEUs, the SIG website will provide events that members can log into their my.ipma accounts.

More to come!” says Tim Jaques, Global Director of IPMASpecial Interest Groups. “ represents the next generation of connection with IPMA members and Member Associations. We are building more functionality for SIG interactions, special work projects, and more. We want members to really get to know each other and have the SIGS be a catalyst for professional growth.” 

Visit the new website at


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