Fellowship in the PMAC-AGPC (FPMAC)

Fellowship in the association recognizes those who have made a significant contribution to the development of the art and science of project, programme or portfolio management, either as a practitioner, teacher, or researcher. It is the highest level of membership awarded by the association and carries with it the right to use the post nominal letters FPMAC, Fellow of the Project Management Association of Canada.

All applications for fellowship are considered by the PMAC Board of Directors. Fellowship is normally awarded to individuals who have been a regular member of the association for at least five years, although exceptions are made in individual cases. To be considered by the Board of Directors for fellowship, please review the rules and procedures below.

Admission Requirements

As stated above, applicants should have been members of the association for at least five years. In exceptional circumstances, the association will consider applications from those with less than five years of membership if the person has made an unusually remarkable contribution to the field or to the association. In either case, to be considered for a fellowship, you must currently be a regular member of the association, in good standing.

Applicants must also demonstrate that they have achieved significant personal achievements in their careers, have continually increased their level of knowledge and competence through education and professional practice, and have made significant contributions to the profession as a whole ("giveback") through writing articles and books, teaching, presenting at events, mentoring, or holding lead volunteer positions in project management-related non-profit organizations.

How to Apply

To apply for PMAC fellowship, you must submit an application form and portfolio of evidence to support your application. This application form and portfolio of evidence must be submitted via email in electronic format (Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word formats are accepted) to membership@pmac-agpc.ca. You may need to scan in documents to include in your portfolio submission. In addition, you will be asked to pay a submission fee to have your application considered. This portfolio represents you to the PMAC Board of Directors. This means that the presentation and structure of your submission (including indexing and cross-referencing) are particularly important.

As the operating language of the Board of Directors is English, applications are currently only accepted in English.


There is a $150 application fee due upon submission of your application for consideration by the Board of Directors. Employees of corporate members pay only a $50 fee. This fee may be paid via our Fellowship Application Fee Online Payment Form. Unsuccessful applicants may apply again in future years (only one application is allowed during any calendar year), but must pay an application fee for each time an application is submitted.

Once you have been granted a fellowship by the association, your annual membership fee increases. Fellowship annual dues are $150 per year. The fee for the first year is covered in your fellowship application fee. To pay your fellowship annual dues for future years, use the standard membership renewal online payment form.

How the Board Assesses Applications

After reviewing your electronic application and portfolio of evidence package, the PMAC Board of Directors will hold a vote; a majority of votes passes your fellowship application. In your submission package, you must demonstrate:

  • Evidence of substantial achievement in professional practice;
  • Evidence of significant contribution to a broad area of professional work or to experience in a very specific and specialized context, either of which should have influence on the project management community;
  • Giveback to the profession through research, publication, teaching, presentations, or mentoring;
  • Evidence of active commitment to your own continuing professional development;
  • Evidence of continued development of a full range of competencies;
  • Experience in a number of work environments (organizations), industries, and project types;
  • Evidence of enhanced professional, interpersonal, evaluative and analytical skills that have been applied on projects; and
  • Evidence of using innovative approaches to resolving project issues or for applying applying professional skills.

You may find it useful to read the Canadian Project Management National Competence Baseline (CPMNCB) before preparing your package.

Preparing Your Portfolio of Evidence

Your fellowship submission package should include:

  1. A completed Fellowship Application Form The application form can be found at the link shown at the bottom of this page.
  2. A Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) More than just a simple résumé, the CV should include details of your project, programme, and portfolio management skills and experience, your previous jobs and employers; and some details about your previous projects.
  3. Personal Statement A brief statement (500 words or less) about why you are applying for PMAC fellowship and how you meet the assessment criteria, referring to specific elements of your portfolio.
  4. Documentary and Other Evidence Your portfolio should include one copy of each significant document or other evidence (degrees, certificates, awards, memberships, etc.) that you are using to support your application. The Board will consider many types of evidence, some of which include: evidence of practical professional achievement, evidence of innovative professional work, evidence of involvement with project management organizations (including PMAC), a list of published works, evidence of research accepted by a university or equivalent body, awards, degrees, certificates, and PMAC self-assessment forms.
  5. Letters of Support Your portfolio should include at least two letters of support, one of which must be from a regular member or fellow of the Project Management Association of Canada. The letters should comment upon the impact of your work within a business or strategic context or comment on your contributions to the profession. Include contact information (email address and telephone number) for each letter, as writers may be contacted by the Board of Directors.


Applications for fellowship may take 2-3 months for processing and voting on by the Board of Directors.

We will send you a letter notifying you of the Board's decision. If you are unsuccessful, the letter will include key factors that the Board considered as insufficient to support your application for fellowship. If you are successful, we will inform you that you may begin to immediately use the post nominals FPMAC after your name and we will post an announcement on our website and to our members congratulating you on your elevation to sit among the most respected PM professionals in Canada.

Current PMAC Fellows

Following is the current list of PMAC Fellows.

Name Year Awarded
Aguanno, Kevin 2013
Edwards, Sylvie 2020
Farndale, Keith 2016
Verma, Vijay K. 2020
Wideman, Max 2015
PDF icon PMAC_Fellowship_Application.pdf55.9 KB

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