The Need for a Canadian National Project Management Award

For years, people have joked that it is part of our Canadian culture that we show excess humility by ignoring our successes — even apologizing for them, at times. While there have been many theories about why we have this attitude — and how different it is from the approach taken by our American neighbours to the south — we still find this attitude endemic throughout our society. One good example is the lack of awards available to celebrate our most successful projects and project managers.


Rodney Turner Webinar - Aug 5/09

Dr. Rodney Turner will be hosting a Webinar on August 5th at Noon Eastern time for the benefit of our PMAC members and guests. His focus will be to discuss project management personalities and how they can be matched to different project types.

A nominal fee applies (9.95 for PMAC members; 15.95 for non-members).

Click here for more information and to register online.


PMAC Approves the Canadian National Competence Baseline for Project Managers

July 6, 2009 - Today the board of directors of the Project Management Association of Canada has formally approved the new Canadian National Competence Baseline (CNCB) for project managers. The CNCB is based upon version three (v3.0) of the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) standard published by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

The CNCB will be used as the basis for project management knowledge and competence assessments by the association, and should be read by all Canadian project managers to help them plan out their own skills and career growth. Now that this Canadian standard has been approved, the association can complete the development of questions for its upcoming IPMA Level-D certification exam to be announced later this year.

The CNCB will be available for free download to all Canadian project managers. To obtain a copy, please click on our "Publications" link at the top of this page.


PMAC Announces New Project Management Specialty Certifications in Agile Project Management

July 6, 2009 - The Project Management Association of Canada is pleased to announce that its board of directors has approved two new project management specialty certifications on the topic of agile project management.

  • PMAC Certificate in Agile Project Management (Cert.APM) - This is an entry-level certification similar in content to Scrum Master Certification intended to provide certification in the core agile management concepts and practices. [More Details]
  • PMAC Advanced Certificate in Agile Project Management (Sr.APM) - This advanced certification includes an assessment of in-depth knowledge and experience managing agile projects in a variety of complex situations, including both a written exam and the submission of a detailed document describing how agile techniques were applied on a real project. [More Details]

The association will be announcing examination dates for these new certifications this fall, so please stay tuned to this web site or sign up for our mailing list (using the box in the top left corner of this page) to get the latest information on this program.


A Fresh Approach to Project Management Training

I had the pleasure to be a guest lecturer recently for a project management fundamentals course at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. While I’ve lectured in this way many times over the years for many different institutions, I was struck by the unique approach that this course used for teaching the project management basics.


Canadians stand out at IPMA Congress (Helsinki)

David Teh (Conference Presenter), Beverly Pasian (PMAC President), and Miles Shepherd (IPMA President)

David Teh (Conference Presenter), Beverly Pasian (PMAC President), and Miles Shepherd (IPMA President)

PMAC had an enormous success at last week's IPMA Congress in Helsinki. As our first official participation as an IPMA member association, our attention, perspective and participation was sought throughout the conference by many, along with conference presentations by some of our esteemed association members.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Representation at the IPMA Member Association meeting (June 15)
  • Meeting with senior APM officials (June 15) to explore collaborative opportunities
  • Conference presentations by Mr. David Teh ( in the "Practical Knowledge and Skills Track". The presentation was entitled, "Human Aspects of Generic Investment Model in Malaysia" and "Stress Management Program for Fast Track Project Teams."
  • Commitments made with international figures to participate in PMAC Webinar series. Contact to find out more!

Just Say No to Project Management Charlatans

There is an interesting shift underway that has a profound impact for the project management community. Up until the past few years, the project management community has been focused on “basic training” and getting new PMs ready to write the PMP exam. While some industries (such as engineering-procurement-construction) have an overall higher project management maturity level, the fastest growth over the past couple of decades has been in the information technology industry, where a majority of organizations are small with a low level of PM maturity. PM publications and conferences have been mostly focused on serving these “new” IT PMs with novice (and a small amount of intermediate) training.


Why Should I Join PMAC?

by Andy Jordan Maybe I’m naïve, but I don’t think many people reading this article would ever have woken up in the morning desperate for an alternative project management organisation. And yet here we are, the Project Management Association of Canada – so why should you care?




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