New Webinar: "The History of Project Management" (April 22, 2010)

The latest webinar in our series of educational offerings is now available for registration.

The Pyramid of Giza, the Colosseum, and the Transcontinental Railroad are all great historical projects from the past four millennia. When we look back we tend to look at these as great architectural or engineering works. Project management tends to be overlooked, and yet the core principles were used extensively in these projects.

This webinar takes a hard look at the history of project management, how it evolved, and presents some quite remarkable results. Namely, that project management did not just appear in the last 100 years but has been in steady evolution over at least the past 4,500 years.

New insights emerge when dissecting historical projects through a project management lens, and Mark Kozak-Holland brings this to life in his analysis. You will walk away with new insights and an interest to look at these projects more closely for lessons that are just as applicable today as when the projects were initiated.

Mark Kozak-Holland, principal author of the best-selling "Lessons from History" series of books has a new textbook coming out on the history of project management. In this webinar, he is offering our members an exclusive sneak preview in advance of the book's publication.

There is a $9.95 fee for registering for this event. It is open to both PMAC members and non-members alike, and 100% of all registration fees go to the association.

The webinar is on April 22nd, 2010 from Noon to 1:30pm Eastern time.

Register today at:


Canadian PM Association Announces First Person to Become IPMA-Certified ... IN CANADA

(PMAC-AMPC.CA) December 9, 2009 - The Certification Body of the Project Management Association of Canada is pleased to announce that for the very first time in history, a Canadian has received an IPMA certification in Canada. While many Canadians have received IPMA certifications over the years, they have done so through applying through foreign project management associations (such as the Association for Project Management in the UK and the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management in the USA) or have applied directly to IPMA, since up until recently Canada did not have its own IPMA member association.


List of PMAC Members with IPMA Certifications

We are pleased to announce that we are now maintaining a public directory of PMAC members who hold IPMA competence-based certifications at one of the four levels (Level A through Level D).

Currently on the list are our five First Assessors, certified directly by IPMA, who will be following the IPMA certification rules and procedures to begin IPMA certifications within Canada. These First Assessors are qualified to perform assessments at all four levels of certification.

Also on the list is our first member to pass our IPMA Level D exam. Congratulations to Arek Bielawski for the unique honour of being the first person to obtain an IPMA certification IN CANADA!

Please visit the Directory of IPMA-Certified Project Managers.


New article on PM training available

A new article by our Director of Professional Development, Kevin Aguanno, is available in our article archive. The article is about low-cost training options for project managers.


PMAC Approves the Canadian Project Management National Competence Baseline

(PMAC-AMPC.CA) July 6, 2009 - Today the board of directors of the Project Management Association of Canada has formally approved the new Canadian Project Management National Competence Baseline (CPMNCB). The CPMNCB is based upon version three (v3.0) of the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) standard published by the International Project Management Association (IPMA). The CPMNCB will be used as the basis for project management knowledge and competence assessments by the association, and should be read by all Canadian project managers to help them plan out their own skills and career growth. Now that this Canadian standard has been approved, the association can complete the development of questions for its upcoming IPMA Level-D certification exam to be announced later this year. The CPMNCB will be available for free download to all Canadian project managers later this summer. For a copy of the CPMNCB, go to http://www.pmac-ampc.ca/publications ----- ABOUT THE ASSOCIATION


PMAC Announces New Project Management Specialty Certifications in Agile Project Management

(PMAC-APMC.ca) July 6, 2009 - The Project Management Association of Canada is pleased to announce that its board of directors has approved two new project management specialty certifications on the topic of agile project management. * PMAC Certificate in Agile Project Management (Cert.APM) - This is an entry-level certification similar in content to Scrum Master Certification intended to provide certification in the core agile management concepts and practices. * PMAC Advanced Certificate in Agile Project Management (Sr.APM) - This advanced certification includes an assessment of in-depth knowledge and experience managing agile projects in a variety of complex situations, including both a written exam and the submission of a detailed document describing how agile techniques were applied on a real project. The association will be announcing examination dates for these new certifications this fall.


PMAC Formally Applies for IPMA Membership in Nuremberg

On March 28, 2009 the PMAC culminates two years of preparation work with its formal application for IPMA membership as the IPMA member association for Canada. Grant Kerr, PMAC Treasurer, was present in Nuremburg, Germany at the latest IPMA Council of Delegates meeting to make the formal application in person.

The IPMA Council of Delegates voted to give PMAC "transitional" membership status.



2007 AGM a Success

The Board of Directors of the Project Management Association of Canada are pleased to announce the successful completion of our first annual general meeting. This August 2007 AGM was attended by our founding directors and a few new faces, and achieved its purpose of getting the association organized to grow in 2008 and formally apply for IPMA membership.


Present were (left to right) George Pasieka, Andy Jordan, Kevin Aguanno, Grant Kerr, and Morley Selver (taking picture).




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