Project Managers Can Shine in Today’s Tough Economy

In service companies, people have characterized sales people as the ones who bring in revenue to an company, but project managers as the ones that translate that revenue into profit. Project managers are the ones who lead in the creation of value for project stakeholders. Yes, I admit that, in most projects, project managers are not creating deliverables that will drive business value for their clients; however, project managers are the ones who focus the rest of their teams on the right goals, and then lead the team on a journey towards meeting those goals. If the right goals are chosen, then incremental business value can result from the project.


New article posted on how "Project Managers Can Shine in Today’s Tough Economy"

Check out this latest article by Kevin Aguanno, our Director of Professional Development -- it may just help you save your job or even get promoted in the middle of this recession!
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AGM Speech by Miles Shepherd

At the AGM on December 5, 09 one of the speakers was Miles Shepherd who gave a talk on Project Management as a Profession. A topic of interest to many project managers. Miles started his speech with a timeline of the evolution of IPMA which started in 1964.


AGM Speech by Dr. Lew Ireland

At the AGM on December 5, 09 Dr. Lew Ireland gave a speech titled “The Changing Face of Project Management”. Lew gave an informative speech on the changing face of project management which included project management goals, current issues in project management, competence, trends in project management, and the future of projects.


AGM Photos

Here are photos from the AGM held on December 5, 2009 in Toronto. The speakers were very informative, the networking was great, a lot of work got done, plans made, and everyone who attended had a great time.

First 14 PMs Become Certified Agile Project Managers

The launch of our association's Cert.APM qualification has been a success! Our first two batches of candidates completed their certification exam prep courses and wrote the exams in two sittings (Oct. 28th and Nov. 11th). Out of a total 15 candidates, 14 passed (a 93% pass rate). The average score was 84% (a pass requires a minimum of 70%). We will maintain on this web site, a list of Certified Agile Project Managers.


What Value Does a PM Provide at the End of a Project?

The other day, I was challenged by a client to provide a description of why they still needed a PM at the end of their project. To understand their question, and my response, you need a bit of background information first.


PM Tips - Being Proactive

This will be a series of project management tips that I have learned over my 30 plus years of doing industrial project management. You will not find these tips out there in the PM world. The intent is to help keep you out of trouble as it is much easier to get into trouble than it is to get out. These are just an example of some of the tips that I provide in my PM workshops. The first tip I want to talk about is to treat all your projects as if they will end up in a legal court case. This applies to contractors and vendors. When you first start a project everyone is excited and happy as this will be the best project ever. You have a working relation ship with your contractor(s) and the process starts smoothly. However, it doesn’t take much for the project to turn sour and animosity set in. Not all projects turn out this way, but you can not predict the future so you have to be prepared.


The "Ideal" Iteration Length Revealed...

As agile project management methods are becoming more widely adopted in companies around the world, many struggle with one of the most basic decisions when starting iterative incremental project approaches:  what is the ideal iteration length to use?  Let's see if we can tackle that question.





IPMA Certification Exam Dates Announced Across Canada

The Project Management Association of Canada is pleased to announce exam dates for IPMA Level-D certification in many provinces across the country.

Dates and locations for exam sessions currently scheduled are listed below. Check back at for updates to this list.

Dec. 5, 2009 [Toronto, ON] - IPMA Level-D exam. Examination scheduled from 4-6pm at the end of our annual general meeting.

Feb. 12, 2010 [Vancouver, BC] - IPMA Level-D exam. Examination time TBD.




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