PMAC-AGPC Volunteer of the Year Awards


The Project Management Association of Canada could not exist without the tireless dedication of our volunteers. Whether they held positions on the management board of our association or of our certification body, or were just people who dedicated themselves to giving back to the Canadian PM profession, the PMAC-AGPC honours these members who are role models for the rest of us.

To recognize those who stand out among all of our volunteers, the Board of Directors of the association will award the annual Volunteer of the Year Awards.

There are two awards available for the Board of Directors to give:

  • PMAC-AGPC Volunteer of the Year Award - available to all regular members in good standing
  • PMAC-AGPC Young Volunteer of the Year Award - available to PMAC Young Crew members in good standing.

The Board of Directors does not have to award either award in any given year if the consensus of the Board is that the slate of candidates is not strong enough to justify granting the award at that time.

Nomination Process

Any current member of the Association may be nominated for one of these awards by any other member of the association. Nominating someone is simple: just send an email to the Director of Awards ( with your name, the name of the member you are nominating for the award, and a brief (1-2 paragraphs) description of why you think this person should be considered for this award.

Members may not nominate themselves.

Evaluation Process

The Director of Awards will review all applications and will select a list of finalists who in the Director's opinion represent the top tier of candidates. The Director will present the list of candidates for the PMAC-AGPC Volunteer of the Year award to the Board of Directors at a special board meeting held for the purpose of reviewing applications for this award and selecting a winner. The board will discuss each application and will then vote on the candidates.

The nominee presentation, discussion, and voting process will be facilitated by the Director of Awards who will not be eligible for this award during his or her term of office.

If a member of the Board of Directors has been nominated for one of these awards, then that Board member will not be permitted to participate in the discussion/evaluation of candidates and resulting voting.

The Award

Award finalists will have their names and a brief description of the excellent service they have provided to the association announced on the PMAC web site as role models and inspirations to the other members.

The award winner(s) will be announced at the PMAC Annual General Meeting, where he or she will receive a certificate from the President and the Director of Awards.

Award winners will also be announced on the PMAC web site after the awards ceremony.

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