PMAC Course Accreditation

The course accreditation process ensures that only quality courses are used as part of a PMAC knowledge-based certification. In this process, training providers submit their training materials for review and approval by the PMAC. Courses that pass the accreditation process will gain the right to use the following phrase in course marketing materials:

“This course is accredited by the Project Management Association of Canada.”

Accredited courses may also display the PMAC Accreditation Seal in their marketing materials and on their course completion certificates:


Accreditation must be renewed each year, else the accreditation status of the course expires.

There is a fee for both the initial review and accreditation, as well as annual accreditation renewals.

Accredited Courses

Follow this link for the latest list of PMAC-accredited courses.

Accreditation Application Process

Due to upcoming changes to the course accreditation process, applications for course accreditation are not being accepted at this time.  The application process is expected to open up again in June 2017.  Applications currently in process will continue unaffected by these changes.  Renewals will continue under the old policies and procedures until the changes roll out mid 2017.

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