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How Complex Systems Fail

December 21, 2014 by pmacwebmaster

If you are in the business of producing anything, here is a link to an interesting article on How Complex Systems Fail.

How Complex Systems Fail

New IPMA Board Members Elected

December 5, 2014 by morley

morley's picture

Here are the results of the board elections held at the past 2014 World Congress in Rotterdam.

Award Board
Diego Arimany Guatemala
Dr. Ronggui Ding PMRC China
Gholamreza Safakish (Kami) Iran PMA
Pau-Lian Staal IPMA-Netherlands
Les Squires asapm USA

CVM Board
Leh Simonelli AIPM Australia
Joseph Alba APM UK
Jorunn Wolstad NFP Norway
Giuseppe Pugliese ANIMP Italy
Mimoun El Ouarti IPMA-Netherlands
Dalibor Cron SPM Switzerland

E&T Board
Ahad Nazari Iran PMA
Hans Knopfel SPM Switzerland
John Vickery IPMI Ireland
Bärbel Häckel GPM Germany
Vladimir Obradovic Yupma Serbia

RM Board

Project Management And Leadership

July 20, 2014 by pmacwebmaster

As you are aware, there is a difference between management and leadership. As a project manager, you are the leader. Do you know what direction you want to take the team? Will they follow you? As a leader, you have to take responsibility. Do you know what you are responsible for? Just what does management expect from you?

Morley Selver, our Director of Certification has written an article on Project Management and Leadership that discusses the above issues …………

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Project Management and The Human Resource

July 6, 2014 by morley

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Project Management and The Human Resource

Most project managers in industry have a technical education and are good technically at what they do. Since they are good technically, management feel they will be good as project managers, but this not necessarily so. Sure, they can figure out how to scope, schedule, and budget but, they fall down when it comes to the management of the human resource.

Morley Selver, our Director of Certification has written an article on the human resource issue .......

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

June 5, 2014 by Anonymous

No, I’m not talking about that Clash song from the 80’s, I’m referring to you changing careers. You're an experienced project manager in a field that is laying off PM’s and the jobs available are in another field. So should you stay where you are or should you pack up the family, take the plunge and change fields? *-)

Morley Selver, our Director of Certification has written an article to help you decide.…………

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PMAC Hosts IPMA Council of Delegates Meeting

April 1, 2014 by pmacwebmaster

The Project Management Association of Canada was the proud sponsor of the spring 2014 IPMA Council of Delegates (CoD) meeting, in which delegates from approximately 60 countries came together in Toronto to discuss and vote on significant issues. The event was held downtown Toronto at the prestigious 1 King St. West hotel and conference centre.

Delegates seated in the main CoD meeting

PMAC Past President Kevin Aguanno representing Canada at the international event, delegated by Alex Jalalian (PMAC's president).

Many important issues were discussed and voted on at the CoD meeting including the admission of new country-level member associations into IPMA, and IPMA's strategic direction for the upcoming years.

PMAC member Peter Milsom (IPMA Level-A) being presented with a certificate recognizing him as an accredited assessor for the new IPMA Delta organizational project management maturity programme.

PMAC Past President Kevin Aguanno presenting the results of an IPMA strategy working session to the delegates.

PMAC President Alex Jalalian and Director of Certification Morley Selver were also active at the event.

Special thanks go out to Alex Jalalian and Lailee Ghorbani for their tireless efforts in organizing the event and making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the 6-day event. Their efforts raised the profile of PMAC within IPMA, and they made our association -- and our great country -- look good to the international community.

Selver wins 2013 PMAC Volunteer of the Year Award

March 31, 2014 by pmacwebmaster

Kevin Aguanno, Director of Awards and PMAC Fellow, would like to congratulate the winner of the 2013 PMAC Volunteer of the Year Award, Morley Selver.

Morley Selver, Director of Certification

The award was unanimously approved by the attendees of the annual general meeting held in Toronto on 30 March 2014. Specifically, the award recognizes the extensive volunteer work contributed by Morley in his role as Director of Certification. In 2013, he single-handedly reorganized our certification systems documentation, created new forms, and updated our policies and processes to be compliant with the recommendations from the IPMA Certification Validation Management Board during our latest certification system validation. In addition, he has taken on the role of arranging and facilitating our Certification Board meetings, as well as the general PMAC Board meetings. Morley has actively followed up on certification and training inquiries from our current and potential members, and has demonstrated considerable leadership. PMAC has benefited greatly from his contributions and the 2013 PMAC Volunteer of the Year Award is just one small way of thanking him for his service to our community.

PMAC Board Meeting in Toronto - Feb. 26, 2014

March 31, 2014 by pmacwebmaster

The PMAC Board of Directors assembled on Thursday, 26 February 2014 to finalize last-minute arrangements for an IPMA Certification Systems Panel meeting on Friday and an IPMA Council of Delegates meeting on Saturday and Sunday at the prestigious 1 King St. West hotel in downtown Toronto.

In attendance were (from left to right) Alex Jalalian, President; Kevin Aguanno, PMAC Fellow and Past President; Morley Selver, PMAC Director of Certification; Lailee Ghorbani, Coordinator of the Toronto CoD meeting; Grant Kerr, PMAC Treasurer; and Romeo Mitchell, PMAC Director of Professional Development.

Special guests at the event included Giuseppe Pugliese, Director of Certification for IPMA Italy and member of the IPMA Certification Validation Management Board; Werner Schmehr, Chair of the IPMA Certification Validation Management Board; Hans Knöpfel, IPMA Honorary Fellow, and PMAC Fellow Beverly Pasian.

The COD and the AGM

January 10, 2014 by pmacwebmaster

The COD and the AGM
PMAC-AGPC Announces Two Firsts

Council of Delegates

PMAC-AGPC is pleased to announce two firsts for our organization. We are hosting the March 2014 IPMA Council of Delegates (COD) in Toronto. The event will be held at One King West Hotel. This is the first time PMAC-AGPC has hosted an IPMA event. It is also the first time IPMA have held the COD outside of Europe. A brochure of the event can be found here: Brochure

The Council of Delegates is the steering committee of IPMA and the highest decision making body. Each member association nominates one Council representative (and  one substitute), who attend the Council meetings twice a year.

There’s Nothing To Project Management.

December 23, 2013 by pmacwebmaster

Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B - PMAC Director of Certification has just published a new article on this web site about ‘There’s Nothing To Project Management, You Can Do It In Your Spare Time‘. Read this entertaining article at the link below.

This is the type of material discussed at the his project management workshops. See the end of the article for information on the upcoming Certificate in EPC Project Management workshop.

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