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  • 2012 Asia Pacific Awards to be held in Indonesia
  • 26th IPMA World Congress
  • Dr Les’s information capture initiative for apfpm MA’s
  • Texan, David Pells, is back and even bigger and better than before
  • What is happening with some of our apfpm’s Member Associations?
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What is happening!

We have been a little delayed in getting out this latest Newsletter. With vigorous debate on the best way to communicate with all our MA’s to keep everyone as up to date with what is happening in our region without excessive over communication. Trying to find the right balance, and additionally doing this without it being an overly challenging exercise for busy volunteer preparers and contributors.

It is currently a work in progress in which I hope we can start to show some good outcomes by the end of the year. Notwithstanding the current Project efforts we will definitely (on one platform or another) issue a December Newsletter highlighting all the activities from: the AIPM (Melbourne) Conference and its hosting of the 7th formal apfpm Meeting; the SPM (Singapore) Conference; the IPMA’s World Congress (Crete); and the IAMPI (Indonesia) Conference, with the hosting of the 2012 apfpm PM Achievement Awards. Also our planning for the CMAK event in Korea in March 2013. A busy few months ahead.

Best Regards to All, Bill Young


2012 Asia Pacific Project Management Awards (Indonesia)

The apfpm Awards will be coupled with IAMPI’s National Conference - Jakarta, Indonesia 29 Nov - 1 Dec 2012. Theme: ‘Competitive enhancement - accelerating Green Infrastructure development’

This Conference will be the combined effort of:

  • Indonesian Government Ministries relating to Construction and Infrastructure industries, including their exhibitions
  • Ikatan Ahli Manajemen Proyek Indonesia (IAMPI) - Project Management society of Indonesia
  • apfpm will run the Awards event of recognizing some of the best Projects across the region in the 2012 Asia Pacific Project Management Awards.

IAMPI have lined up an outstanding speaker listing for this conference. Please do come and join us for this special event. For full details refer to: www.iampi.org.id.

26th IPMA Project Management World Congress

The 26th IPMA World Congress is going to take place in the beautiful location of Crete in Greece on 29th October. If anyone attended the last World Congress, you will know this is not to be missed.

And if you have ever been to Crete, you will additionally know it is a perfect place to take the family on a holiday, whilst you are learning, and networking at the Congress. All details are at http://ipma2012.gr.




Dr Les’s information capture initiative for apfpm MA’s



Les does not give up, he is amazing. He gives an incredible amount of his personal time and effort to help our members and IPMA Members build their knowledge and research understanding. For those able to take advantage of some of the groups that Les facilitates there is no question, they will add value to your Associations and your members.

As I mentioned in our previous Newsletter, Les is experimenting with a range of Google tools to see if they could be useful for our MA’s. For example, a daily web scan and report of all Internet activity in each country is currently one of the experiments.

Imagine your MA was the AIPM in Australia. By clicking a few hot buttons you would be able to track the 20 most recent articles on the web related to ‘Project Management’ and ‘Australia’. This would include information on jobs, publications, ongoing discussions, media write-ups, etc.; whatever occurs on the Internet. You don’t have to go searching for it, it comes to you. Imagine how useful and powerful this could be – and so easily accessible.

Les Squires is our ‘social media’ expert and driver of this initiative. If you want to know more about accessing this type of information, just drop Les a line or .

Les, again many thanks from the apfpm for sharing your extensive knowledge and helping us as you do.


Texan, David Pells, is back and even bigger and better than before

David Pells has recently launched the new Project Management World Journal (PMWJ) which will be published regularly. The September issue is already out. This journal is packed with highly relevant and useful information for the Project Management profession, refer to: www.pmworldjournal.net


What is happening in some of our Member Associations?

IAMPI, Indonesia, Ikatan Ahli Manajemen Proyek Indonesia, www.iampi.org.id

Refer to upcoming Conference and apfpm Awards program at start of this Newsletter.

asapm, USA, American Society for the Advancement of Project Management, www.asapm.org

Review the asapm July-August, 2012 Newsletter! ---

This Newsletter is from asapm, the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management.

(Comment from Bill Young: It is a very good read)

In their current Issue 1. Change Agents Posting, Project Managers: Playing Nice With Others 2. asapm Election Results, 2012 3. IPMA World Congress Update, Greece, 29-31 October 4. Two Book Reviews, by Dr. Kenneth F. Smith. Thank You, Ken! 5. He's Back! David Pells and His Team Launch PM World Journal 6. Two New Articles From Byatt, Hamilton, and Hodgkinson 7. IPMA Newsletter, Young Crew Newsletter Available 8. Reminder: Please Participate in This PPPM Software Tools Training Survey 9. Presentation Counts, by Peter Taylor 10. Flash Mob Music; Planned or Spontaneous? You Decide! 11. Important: asapm To Change Our Mass Emailing Program 12. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

asapm, IPMA-USA, is the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management. We are a not-for-profit organization, volunteers who are dedicated to improving Performance Competence in Project and Program Management.

To access this newsletter go to: http://www.asapm.org/asapmag/n_newsletter.asp

SPM, Singapore Society of Project Managers, www.sprojm.org.sg

National Conference: Emerging Project Management trends of this decade

(To be held 3 Oct 2012, @ BCA Academy)

Signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by the President of the Society of Project Managers Singapore, Mr Seah Choo Meng with the Construction Project Management Committee of China Construction Industry Association (CPMC)

Conference Speakers

  • Forefront of China’s Project Management experience: Mr Wu Tao, Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General of CCIA (CPMC)
  • Advance Info Package/Early Contractor’s Involvement initiatives for project bid process: Mr Eugene Seah
  • GAAPS – Global initiative to advance Project Management: Dr Alicia Aitken
  • Cultural Intelligence - essential for international business: Dr Bill Young
  • Project Management - Improved productivity through the BIM process: Jim Tan,
  • Project and Program Management in the Space of Complexity and Uncertainty: Dr Hiroshi Tanaka
  • Design & Build solutions for Complex Projects: Mr Hirotsugu Yamaguchi, Mr Yukio Tokumoto
  • Delivery of Healthcare projects in Singapore: Ms Lenny Chew

PMAN, Nepal, Project Management Association of Nepal, www.pman.org.np

National Activities - Aug, 2012.

A. Guest Lectures and PM Curricula Development

PMAN has been pro-actively initiating dialogue with local universities to help them develop appropriate curricula for their respective MBA and PM programs. There are two major universities that have already begun teaching PM courses since past 4 years, however, the curricula is comprised of sporadic lecture notes from individual instructors/professors and materials from PM body of knowledge of different international organizations. The two universities are:

1. Kathmandu University School of Management (www.kusom.edu.np); and

2. Ace Institute of Management (www.ace.edu.np).

Mr. Tikajit Rai, President of PMAN, has been engaged in guest lecturing at both universities. On April 25th, 2012, Mr. Rai, lectured to 22 third-year MBA students at Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM). Now, PMAN and KUSOM have agreed to offer 2-day workshops on PM at KUSOM for MBA students each semester.

Mr. Rai with faculty member and MBA students at KUSOM

Similarly, on May 24th, 2012, Mr. Rai lectured 15 MBA students at Ace Institute of Management in Kathmandu.

On 5th August, 2012, Mr. Rai is to lecture 20 faculty members at Kathmandu University School of Engineering. This is part of the collaboration effort between PMAN and KU to offer guest lectures on PM to, in addition to Management students at KUSOM, engineering faculty-members/students in each semester for Master's level students.

PMAN and KUSOM is finalizing contractual agreement in which former will assist developing PM curricula at the university. The course will be also available for engineering students as elective.

In future KUSOM is planning to offer PM specific master's program at the university and the collaboration between PMAN and KUSOM will be of great importance to deliver the program.

PMAN has also provided suggestions and feedbacks to Ace Institute of Management to help them develop their own curricula.

B. PMAN at Golden Jubilee of Nepal Engineers' Association

On the 50th Anniversary of Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) that was held on 19th July 2012, PMAN was represented by Mr. Rai as a Panelist on the first session of the closing day in which Key Note speaker was Dr. Bharat Raj Pahari, Dean at Institute of Engineering, and chief guest was Er. Ms. Hisila Yami, the first lady (wife of hon. Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattrai). In it Mr. Rai had an opportunity to highlight:

1. Local engineering marvels and feats are in Nepal and one needs not go beyond borders—Chilime, Mana Kamana Cable car projects for example;

2. Core actors and often unsung heroes are project managers and engineers in such projects;

3. The lessons learnt in local engineering projects in Nepal can be benchmarked for other projects of all sizes; and

4. PMAN can play a central key-role in human capacity development and is committed to helping the nation building.

Golden Jubilee's theme was "Thinking Big: Engineers' Leadership for Nation Building."

C. IPMA PE Awards Application

PMAN has recommended Underprivileged Children's Educational Programs (UCEP) as candidate for 2012 IPMA PE Awards under midsize category. The applicant is also interested to apply for apfpm Award.

CMAK, Korea Construction Management Association of Korea, www.cmak.or.kr

Conference in Seville, Spain, 14th ~ 16th June 2012

Chairman Bae was invited to do a presentation by CMAS at Chairman Bae presented a paper titled “CM: The Present and the Future in Korea”. The Forum was attended by representatives from CMAA, CMAK, CIOB, CMAS, PMI, ICPMA, Spanish academia, construction companies and students.

Signing of the MOU between CMAK and MLMUPC to supply Korean model CM to Cambodia CMAK and MLMUPC (Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction) of Cambodia signed an MOU at a MOU signing ceremony at 10AM on 21st June 2012 at the Ministry’s conference room attended by dignitaries and CMAK delegation. The MOU signing ceremony took place after months of correspondences and communication with the Ministry and it was the final step in sealing the verbal agreement between CMAK and MLMUPC on 27th July 2011 where they agreed to finish the project of implementing CM in Cambodia by 2016. TFT for the project put together by both CMAK and MLMUPC will now start making plans to carry out the work of surveying the current Cambodian construction market after which the real work in the project will commence.

IDCM Asia 2012 30th ~ 31st August 2012

Chairman Bae will be attending the IDCM (International Design and Construction Management) Asia Forum which is scheduled to take place in Bangkok on 30th and 31st August. The Forum this year will have government representatives from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. The speakers representing their countries will present plans for construction development projects and construction market outlook in their respective countries and discuss ways to foster mutual cooperative strategies with participating organizations and companies.

3rd Korea-US CM Forum, Chicago USA 20th ~ 23rd October 2012

The 3rd Korea-US CM Forum co-hosted by CMAK and CMAA will be held from 20th 23rd October during the CMAA National Conference in Chicago. The Forum this year will invite government representatives from Libya and Iraq to speak about the restoration project plans in their respective countries. Korean and the US companies attending the Forum will, after the presentations, talk about ways that they can mutually cooperate to jointly work together in those restoration projects.

HKIPM, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Project Management, www.hkipm.org.hk

On 26 May 2012, Hong Kong Institute of Project Management in association with The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers – Building Division organised a day study tour to Major Construction Projects in Guangzhou, PRC.

Participants had learned how the project managers resolve the critical problems of mega construction project in China. They also had opportunities to share their professional PM experience with the China’s senior official in charges.

We had meetings and watched videos of two visiting projects before walked around the sites, the key persons of the projects kindly introduced the major parts of the projects and answered questions respectively.

The first project is Zhujiang Xincheng North Tower which is an significance office development in Guangzhou,PRC. The site area is around 10,000 m2 and the total construction floor area is about 210,000 m2.

The second project is Zhujiang Xincheng East Tower which is developed by Guangzhou Xinyu Properties Co. Ltd. Upon completion, it will become the tallest building in Guangzhou. It is a mixed commercial development consisting of retail at basement, office, hotel and service apartment with a total construction area of 489,706 m2.


CPD Seminar has organised in Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 28 June 2012. The topic was “Hong Kong Property Cycle: will history repeat itself?” HKIPM was honor to have Prof. Eddie Chi Man Hui, to be the guest speaker of the topic. Professor Hui is an expert of the real estate industry. He dedicated to research in real estate and urban issues, with many papers published in reputed international journals.

The seminar was extremely success. There were more than 300 persons to participate. The talk focused to look at what affects Hong Kong property prices in various dimensions, such as

  • International securities-property contagion
  • Regional asset bubbles in perspectives
  • Local market forces at work: demand, supply, vacancy level, affordability, etc.
  • Policy factors that matter, particular when there is a new leader in HK

PMAC, Canada, Project Management Association Canada, www.pmac-agpc.ca

PMAC-AGPC Receives Much Interest at Project World 2012 in Toronto

It was another great year for PMAC-AGPC at Project World in Toronto. This year, several of their members were featured presenters at the event, including Andy Jordan, Mark Kozak-Holland, and Kevin Aguanno. Many members were in attendance and took the time to stop by their booth and say "Hello."

Special thanks to PMAC-AGPC President Kevin Aguanno, Mark Kozak-Holland, and Director of Professional Development Romeo Mitchell for volunteering to man the PMAC-AGPC booth. *************************************

PMAC-AGPC Is Sponsoring The Following Workshops With Member Discounts.

Introduction to Agile Project Management

On Sept. 24, 2012, an assessor for PMAC-AGPC, Dr. Grant Kerr, IPMA B has an upcoming course on Agile Project Management. Information at: www.mmpubs.com/catalog/24-sep-2012-introduction-to-agile-project-management-regina-sk-p-478.html

PMAC-AGPC Announces A New Date For The EPC Project Management Certification Prep Course and Exam Dates are: Oct. 22-26, 2012 (Toronto) Information at: Toronto: http://www.mmpubs.com/catalog/22-oct-2012-certified-epc-project-manager-toronto-on-p-473.html

AIPM, Australia, Australian Institute of Project Management, www.aipm.com.au

The AIPM is holding its National Conference on 7 – 10 October 2012.

In conjunction with this Conference the apfpm will hold its 7th Formal Meeting of Member Associations.

If you are attending and you have not already confirmed please let us know asap. Official apfpm Representatives have been offered by AIPM free attendance to the whole Conference event; but please do register.

Next Newsletter

The next Newsletter will be published in December. Please send any comments, suggestions, or articles to the interim Editor: bill.young2010@gmail.com.

Please visit our Website: www.apfpm.org

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