4 February 2013

When asking people why they want to use agile delivery methods, one of the most common reasons I hear is that they want to “deliver faster.” It seems that there is a widespread frustration with the way administrative bureaucracy, inefficient development processes, and overburdening governance processes impede project performance. In many cases, an apparently simple, short development project cannot be delivered quickly because of the process and governance overheads that stretch the project out across the calendar and act as a multiplier on the estimated project budget.

1 February 2013

Morley Selver, Director of Certification, would like to congratulate 4 more individuals who successfully passed the Certified Agile Project Manager exam during the month of January 2013. Their names are now listed on the Directory of Certified Agile Project Managers.

Special congratulations go to Daniel Mair who is now one of only a handful of individuals who have been able to score a perfect 100% on the exam.

[Directory of Certified Agile Project Managers]

17 January 2013

Hello PMAC Members,

To start of this new year, we have our pleased to have our first guest speaker, Joe Varnell, who is the Senior Methodology Consultant at CIBC.

7 January 2013

The PMAC-AGPC Certification Board has just announced the new set of Certified Project Management Associate (CPMA) / IPMA Level-D certification exam prep. courses for 2013.

These courses have been accredited by the Project Management Association of Canada as meeting its standards for quality, accuracy, substantiveness, and professionalism.

For the full list of available courses please check our "Upcoming Events" page.


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