14 July 2010

Following up on our success at ProjectWorld Toronto 2010 we are planning on being at ProjectWorld Vancouver on October 25 -26, 2010. PMAC-AGPC will have a booth at the event promoting the association's competence and Agile PM certifications and will be represented on one of the discussion panels.

We are looking for volunteers to help out. If you live in the Vancouver area, or anywhere in Canada, and want to participate in ProjectWorld Vancouver 2010, send an e-mail to Morley Selver, our Director of Certification ( and let him know you are interested. He will be there, so why not you as well?

[Visit the ProjectWorld Web Site for details]

12 July 2010

Kevin Aguanno, our Vice President, has written a controversial new article that claims that the two professions are not all that different. To view the article and post your feedback, click on the link below:

Article - Birds of a Feather: Project Managers and Business Analysts

5 July 2010

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEMBERS -- Due to some board members taking advantage of the extra-long weekend taking this week for vacation travel, we are postponing the regularly-scheduled July 5 PMAC Board of Directors meeting until July 12. Meeting time and call-in numbers are unchanged.

5 July 2010

The PMAC Director of Certification, Morley Selver, is pleased to announce today that PMAC has accredited the "Project Management Course" from Proportion Training as a preparation course for the Certified Project Management Associate (CPMA) / IPMA Level-D exam. This course has passed an independent review process where two independent reviewers have reviewed the course to determine whether the course meets PMAC standards for course quality, accuracy, substance, and pedagogical approach. After passing the two independent peer reviews, the course has also received the approval of the PMAC Director of Certification. It is now a PMAC-recommended course for preparing for the aforementioned examination.

Please see our list of accredited courses for more information.


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