4 December 2012

Hello PMAC Members,

Check out this new article from Bill Richardson, the author of the highly-acclaimed book, Thinking on Purpose for Project Managers: Outsmarting Evolution.

When you're facing down a lion on the open savannah, automatic reactions hardwired into your system through eons of evolution can save your life. However, when you're trying to impress the CEO across a boardroom table, those same responses can cost you big time.

27 November 2012

Hello PMAC Members,

RIchard Morreale is well-known and regarded in the project management community, due to his extensive experience and public talks. He is known as a very out spoken PM ambassador, and has worked around the world, and authored many books.

Richard Morreale has just extended an invitation to all PMAC Members to attend his new free webinar on 8 strategies for reaching the top of the PM Profession. By the end of this FREE 60-minute webinar, participants will:


15 November 2012

One of our sponsors, Multi-Media Publications has asked us to forward this early Black Friday special from their Lessons From History line.The Lessons From History series analyzes the great projects of the past and extracts lessons to apply to today's projects.

This Black Friday deal is being offered to PMAC Members, extended a week earlier, before their public sale goes live.

[Click here For More Details]

14 November 2012

The Serbian Project Management Association (YUPMA), an IPMA member association, has started publishing Serbian Project Management Journal and they are looking for articles to be published in the last issue of SPMJ in 2012. If you are interested in contributing, contact Prof. Petar Jovanovic, President of YUPMA via email at


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