Competence Elements of the Canadian PM National Competency Baseline

The Canadian Project Management National Competence Baseline is used to as an assessment tool against which to compare project managers to determine whether they are competent in their PM role. To be competent, project managers require a number of project management specialty skills, business knowledge, and certain behaviours and personal traits. These are defined by the International Project Management Association as part of its international standard competence baseline.

There are 46 total competence elements, divided into three categories:

  • Technical Elements
    1. Project Management Success
    2. Interested Parties
    3. Project Requirements & Objectives
    4. Risk and Opportunity
    5. Quality
    6. Project Organization
    7. Teamwork
    8. Problem Resolution
    9. Project Structures
    10. Scope and Deliverables
    11. Time and Project Phases
    12. Resources
    13. Cost and Finance
    14. Procurement and Contract
    15. Changes
    16. Control and Reports
    17. Information and Documentation
    18. Communication
    19. Start-Up
    20. Close-Out
  • Contextual Elements
    1. Project orientation
    2. Programme orientation
    3. Portfolio orientation
    4. Project, Programme and Portfolio implementation
    5. Permanent organization
    6. Business
    7. Systems, products and technology
    8. Personnel management
    9. Health, security, safety and environment
    10. Finance
    11. Legal
  • Behavioural Elements
    1. Leadership
    2. Engagement and Motivation
    3. Self-Control
    4. Assertiveness
    5. Relaxation
    6. Openness
    7. Creativity
    8. Results Orientation
    9. Efficiency
    10. Consultation
    11. Negotiation
    12. Conflict and Crisis
    13. Reliability
    14. Values Appreciation
    15. Ethics

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